Bouncy Balls

6 Jun

Do you remember this Sony Bravia commercial from a few years back? I loved it then and I love it now. I think it’s so beautiful.


Lumas also sold limited edition prints of these stills of the commercial shoot. Unfortunately most of them are completely sold out but they are so beautiful.




31 May

This is a little bit of what I’ve been doing while I’ve been ignoring you.


Book Review- The Thoughtful Dresser

12 May

I know I’ve never done a book review here and you may be curious if I’m any good at it. I will answer that with a resounding no, but will I do it anyway? Don’t mind if I do.

I’ve been meaning to comment on this book for some time now. I actually read an excerpt from this book in an airplane magazine before it was published, got home and my dad had ripped it out of the same airline’s magazine on a recent trip of his, cause he thought I might like it. (sorry bout that Delta)

It’s not riveting. It actually took me a couple months to get through the whole book, despite being only 205 pages. Sold on it yet? It was interesting though. The reason for taking so long was mostly due the fact that I read more than one book at a time and let the best man win, and I had a winning streak for great books last year. Linda Grant does however do a beautiful job of explain just what fashion has to do with anything and how it touches everyone. It’s worth a quick read (so long as you aren’t currently reading more than 4 books) (Kaeleigh and Candice are out.) Because we have already established that I’m not so great at this book review business, I will instead just share a few of my favorite quotes from it.

“Apart from underwear, more fragile and temporal, shoes are the most intimate garments we wear. They are imprinted with the shape of our bodies.”

“It is in the eyes of a woman who has been made over that you can observe at its most elemental the power of clothes and their capacity to unleash our emotions.”

“… the people who bring us beautiful clothes are no less great artists than the people who bring us films and novels and paintings.”

“They are letting their clothes write checks that their personalities cannot cash.”

“What we wear is like a light switch. It turns on and brilliantly illuminates what lies beneath.”

And that’s all before page 71. It’s a little history, a little thought, a little theory, and some story thrown in for good measure.

What is the exact definition of “lady” and is stalking strangers included in it?

11 May

I found this on a new tumblr I’m following religiously these days. This lovely lady and I don’t know each other really, but I pretend we do so it isn’t as creepy when I stalk her online. Check it out here -> suede pancakes

I’m on board with this.

Spoken word poetry

10 May

I have an aversion to bad performances. It’s not just that I don’t like them, I actually have a physical reaction to them. Those of you who know me well have seen me do it. I start out looking like a lady with ankles crossed, hands in lap, then cross my legs and fold my arms, then slowly one legs twists further around the other and as the knot in my stomach gets tighter I curl forward until I am a tiny ball of anxiety with eyes squeezed shut. Improv comedy is not my friend. So, of course you think I would hate theater, but I don’t. I just had to distance myself from my friends that are bad at it. Spoken word poetry is then out of the question you say. Not so.

I love spoken word poetry. I got a little teary as I wrote that. I remember walking out of a gallery in downtown Salt Lake one night and stopping right where I stood because a boy with curly blond hair and a necklace was reciting original poetry out loud on the side of the street. I was stunned and impressed and in awe of what he could do. I remember my exact thought was, “I hope his mother is so proud of him”. A little strange maybe but I wanted to know that the people close to him realized what a gift this boy had. I’ve snuck into the back of a local coffee house to listen to teenagers perform poetry on more than one occasion. It’s not that I’m embarrassed, it’s that I don’t want anyone to ruin it. I don’t want to bring someone who will laugh at the kids spilling their soul… or at me for getting a little teary about it.

Anyway, I saw this today and I loved it. If you don’t have the time, just listen to the first couple minutes, which are the actual poem. I am in awe of her gift. One day.

Me, through the eyes of friends

8 May

When I’m feeling a little down, I think of myself through the eyes of people I love and everything seems a little bit better. I know good people. These are a few of my favorite quotes those people have said about me:

“You don’t know Jillian? I’ll tell you about her. She kinda like a girl, in a red coat.” -Nora (age 3)

“Her laugh is like an explosion in a sugar factory.”-Graham (right before we inevitably became great friends)

“You know what I love about you Jillian? You don’t eat until you’re full, you eat until you have to take breaths between bites.” -Lisa Murphy (one of the greatest friends a girl could ask for)

So I might not kill someone for this…

25 Apr

But I could be okay with maiming them.

Burberry Prorsum Trench Coat for spring 2011

It is seriously SO beautiful. I need something for spring that has metal spikes. Need.

Just in case you weren't convinced.