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Duo tone tights

4 Nov

I am always cold… and I don’t really like pants. Thats where tights come in. I wear tights all winter long, so I’m always looking for a new warm and interesting pair. The problem is that they make way cooler tights for children than grown women. The great news is that tights are back! It is now possible to get good quality tights, in an interesting print that is larger that 2T. (yes, I am way too familiar with children’s clothing sizes for a single 23 year old woman- I know, okay?)

My latest obsession is duo tone tights. I have yet to purchase a pair, but I have my eye on some. They aren’t as tricky to mix into a wardrobe as a crazy print but they are still a great bold statement for any outfit. The most popular (as evident by the abundance of them on lookbook) is the black and white, but they are available in less contrasting shades as well for a slightly more subtle look.


Killer with ankle boots.

Visually dividing the leg in half is pretty flattering and I think confidence to wear something like that looks good on every woman. Nordstrom sells a pair by DKNY that are only $20 and still get you the same runway look.

I’ve always been a fan of a thicker lace tight. Recently I’ve been enjoying the mashups I can create with a simpler lace pair like the ones I’m wearing in the horrible photo below. I didn’t get a good picture of my outfit that night and the tights were easily the best part. It was a low key bachelor/ bachelorette party in New York at the Jekyll and Hyde Haunted Pub. I opted for my staple little black French Connection dress, the gray floral tights and my favorite lace up black ankle boots by Jeffry Campbell. I think it worked out okay.


Bad picture to illustrate the tights, but it's a funny picture either way.


The dreamiest woman to ever live.

31 Oct

Grace Kelly.

normal_GraceKellyBigGrace Kelly is a stunning woman. She was an Academy Award winning actress before marrying Prince Rainier of Monaco, making her Her Serene Highness The Princess of Monaco. (How can I get Serene as part of my title?) Then she tragically died in a car crash. Model, actress, princess, mother, legend.

The woman exudes class. She is classic. Classic style. Classic beauty.

Two of my idols in one room. Sigh.

Two of my idols in one room. Sigh.

on her wedding day

on her wedding day

Harem pants

22 Oct

Let’s put our heads together and try to think up an item of clothing that we can convince attractive people to wear that will make them look as though they crapped their pants and just wore it around like it’s no big deal. Enter Harem pants. Why would you want to do this to yourself?

She has a pretty face, i swear.

She has a pretty face, i swear.

Why do otherwise attractive women subject themselves to such an awful look? Are pants that meet your crotch really that uncomfortable? I have been known on several occasions to wear normal crotch-meeting pants and I can say from personal experience that I felt no unusual restrictions from my daily activities. What are these people doing that require so much extra room there? I just don’t get it.

this is a bad situation... starting with the pants.

this is a bad situation... starting with the pants.

Using my closet

19 Sep


Because I’m a nanny (read: always covered in unidentified slime) as well as a student (read: sitting for hours in a freezing classroom or standing at a letter press) my closet remains frustratingly underutilized. I have to seize any opportunity to dress up, and that usually means wearing things normal people don’t generally wear to church in Salt Lake City, Utah. This is last weeks church outfit. 


A little gothic for church, but how can you just leave those tights in the drawer? A little gothic for church, but how can you just leave those tights in the drawer?


A close up on my sick band vest.

A close up on my sick band vest.



Going to Cirque de la Symphony tonight. That should provide for an interesting outfit opportunity. I have hope of utilizing the ring leader jacket I altered for my circus party last year.



You can’t really see how long the tails are in the back and that gold trim is really sparkly. I’m gonna try it with a little black cocktail dress. We’ll see if I have the guts for it. Photos to come…

I try so hard

16 Sep

Effortless will never suit me. It’s always the goal: spend six hours making yourself look like you didn’t try that hard and just woke up flawless. My hair will never look wistfully windblown or perfectly tousled. Thats why I just go for a different look entirely. A little dose of old school glamour and the hours you put in are excused. Perfectly drawn eyeliner, expertly manicured nails. I can do that and I try to. I try so hard. If it looks like it took two hours to apply that makeup, its cause it did. Call me high maintenance, but I can hang with the campers and au natural gals if I feel so inclined. I just like to do it. There is great satisfaction that comes from looking into the mirror and seeing two perfectly semetrical cat eyes. I love it. 

I recently attempted to mimic Dita von Teese’s half moon manicure. As with all things Dita, you are bound to come in below par, but I try nonetheless. 


My lame, short nailed attempt.

My lame, short nailed attempt.


Dita's perfect ten.

Dita's perfect ten.


I used bandaids for the half moons, but I don’t think it was roundy enough. Next time I plan to try hole reinforcers


3 Sep

Start drooling now.


You’re welcome.


6 Aug

I have four fashion icons. This is one of them.

889ebe88-1846-495d-ab00-f492b76f3606She may make some pretty awful music on occasion and have a troupe of full grown Japanese women follow her around, but the woman has got style. It doesn’t matter if she’s the lead singer for a ska band, a solo pop artist, nine months pregnant, or a fashion designer, she looks good.




I’ve made some horrible fashion decisions in my life. I regret none of them. I had a good time. I wore furry shirts and white mascara and I still just have a good laugh when I look at those photos. Gwen has also made some very misguided choices, and I love every one of them. Whatever she had to do to get to this point- I support. 














Oh yeah, and she designs (or at least employees designers who design) some incredible shoes. Lust.