Book Review- The Thoughtful Dresser

12 May

I know I’ve never done a book review here and you may be curious if I’m any good at it. I will answer that with a resounding no, but will I do it anyway? Don’t mind if I do.

I’ve been meaning to comment on this book for some time now. I actually read an excerpt from this book in an airplane magazine before it was published, got home and my dad had ripped it out of the same airline’s magazine on a recent trip of his, cause he thought I might like it. (sorry bout that Delta)

It’s not riveting. It actually took me a couple months to get through the whole book, despite being only 205 pages. Sold on it yet? It was interesting though. The reason for taking so long was mostly due the fact that I read more than one book at a time and let the best man win, and I had a winning streak for great books last year. Linda Grant does however do a beautiful job of explain just what fashion has to do with anything and how it touches everyone. It’s worth a quick read (so long as you aren’t currently reading more than 4 books) (Kaeleigh and Candice are out.) Because we have already established that I’m not so great at this book review business, I will instead just share a few of my favorite quotes from it.

“Apart from underwear, more fragile and temporal, shoes are the most intimate garments we wear. They are imprinted with the shape of our bodies.”

“It is in the eyes of a woman who has been made over that you can observe at its most elemental the power of clothes and their capacity to unleash our emotions.”

“… the people who bring us beautiful clothes are no less great artists than the people who bring us films and novels and paintings.”

“They are letting their clothes write checks that their personalities cannot cash.”

“What we wear is like a light switch. It turns on and brilliantly illuminates what lies beneath.”

And that’s all before page 71. It’s a little history, a little thought, a little theory, and some story thrown in for good measure.


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