County Faire

31 Mar

I’m very excited about something right now. Okay 2 things, but you don’t care that I took out the garbage. (It’s a big deal. The dumpster is pretty far away and it’s still winter where I live.)

I hate the “cheap chic” or “dressing on a budget” section of magazines because who is this woman who is perusing the budget buys and thinking “now I can only spend 2,000 on a blazer, so what are my options”? I find that section far more infuriating than drooling over a McQueen gown I couldn’t trade my firstborn for. It’s like they just wanted to dangle some fabulous heels just above your head, instead of entirely out of reach. Okay, so you get it.

This site is different. Every day there is a new outfit totaling under $100. That isn’t just a shirt and some jeans, it’s nail polish and shoes and accessories. You can click on the link for any item and it will show you where to buy it. Even if you don’t care for the styling, it’s worth taking a peak if only for the inspiration.

County Faire <– my crush


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