An exceptionally clean love affair

13 Mar

I love my dry cleaner.

I moved a few months back and decided it was time to ditch the discount cleaners and find somebody I could trust with things like vintage hand beaded gloves and such. That’s when I found Classic Cleaners. Not only does everything come back in better shape than when I bought it, but right now The Cleaner* is attempting to resurrect a rabbit hair and silk kimono top I made the mistake of letting amateur hands clean. He tried a quick spot clean while I waited, said he wasn’t comfortable trying any harder until he knew what I intended to do with it if he couldn’t clean it. When I told him I intended to dispose of it if it couldn’t be saved he told me to leave the top and my phone number and he would see what he could do and he’d call me.

About a month ago I asked about a place to get a fur cleaned. The Cleaner* had me bring in it to check the fur himself  to assess quality. Once he saw my 1920s fur cape, he referred me to a leather and fur cleaner. He told me they were one of 2 places in the entire state of Utah that could properly clean a fur. He then explained what a discount cleaner, that claimed to clean fur, would do, what would result and the difference in a true cleaning and sawdusting. This includes a dry cleaning process, then covering the fur in sawdust and hand vacuuming the sawdust out. I was mesmerized and dropped my fur off yesterday. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Beautiful clothes require care and I am a firm believer in dry cleaning. Who are we kidding? I believe in The Cleaner*.

*He told me his name but the people who work there refer to him as “The Cleaner” and it just feels right.


One Response to “An exceptionally clean love affair”

  1. Kristen March 23, 2011 at 3:35 pm #

    one day I too shall relish in cleanliness, for now, I still dread it.

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