The Maxi Dress

4 Mar

I’m not over the maxi dress. In fact, I’ve got a renewed love for them with every season I can justify keeping them around. There is something so romantic about a flowy chiffon dress that brushes the floor as you peruse the farmers market on a sunny Saturday morning. The casual cotton counterpart is the easiest of outfits. I throw on a chunky necklace, my dress and some sandals and I’m ready to go.

I picked up a long sleeved black cotton maxi at H&M in California on my most recent trip, which looks something like this:

Mine seems to be a bit wider for some reason.

I also have a serious obsession with another long sleeved maxi sold by H&M that I missed getting my hands on. One Miss McKenna Taylor owns one, and I am filled with envy each and every time I see it on her adorable body, or on the hanger for that matter. The beaut:

I've always had a serious crush on Scary Spice- if I could have that hair...

Enjoy that dress McKenna cause one day you may not be able to find it.

A few perfect accoutrements for your perfect maxi dress outfit:

-Statement necklace

-Waist length jacket (denim or leather)

-Ankle boots




One Response to “The Maxi Dress”

  1. McKenna March 16, 2011 at 12:02 am #

    The dress is yours to barrow as you please. it’s joy should not be selfishly kept, but shared with the ones you love.

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