Working out: Round 1

23 Feb

The working out has begun, and as promised I have embarrassing photos to share with you so I can pretend I have support and you can laugh behind my back. I had a trial membership, but that didn’t go so well since I seemed to have broken some inner thigh muscles I was unaware of. Did a little resting, which I am especially good at, given the 24 years of practice I have, but I’m getting back on the horse. (That’s probably how that expression should be used, right?)

My super hot roommate Candice has taken me under her very strong biceps and agreed to teach me everything she knows, as far as working out goes. I have agreed to not make her look like an idiot, and at this point she’s the only one holding up her end of the bargain. A few good quotes from before we even left the house for the first workout:

Me: “I’m brushing my teeth because you’re brushing your teeth and from here on out I’m going to do whatever you do.”

Me: “I wonder where my workout clothes are. Probably in the back of my pajama drawer.” – and they were

Me:”Do you usually wear a tshirt or a tank top? ¬†Candice: “We’re not matching, so you need to get over that idea right now.”


Testing Candice's patience with my incessant laughter.

Today I officially signed up with 24 hour Fitness, and so far I’m a fan. I ran on a treadmill, which has maybe never happened, and then followed Candice through an unfortunate looking series of upper-body exercises. I did everything she did, just with less weight and a great deal of flailing that wasn’t included in her version. Candice couldn’t look at me in the mirror or she would laugh and start singing “Everybody’s workin for the weekend…”. I hope to built my strength and simultaniously gain some level of coordination- we’ll see how that works out.

I’ve got some great “befores”, but I’m gonna wait until I have good “after” for that level of humiliation.

Note to self: No more tie dye.


One Response to “Working out: Round 1”

  1. Panda Pepperpants February 25, 2011 at 4:22 am #

    “Poylitza’ and Hoyst, they think they got us. Do they got us? NO!” You make me sound like an East German lesbian…and I AM.

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