Walk a Mile in their Toms

27 Aug

I’m having a hard time with this whole hipster thing. I know I’m like a decade behind but I never took it seriously. How can you? I always figured it was just the newest incarnation of teen angst and I’ve never been angry enough to look like that. The goal is what baffles me. It’s not punk or rock or nerdy. It’s like the most terrible blend of homeless and social reject. It doesn’t seem to flatter anyone  or promote personal hygiene, and it isn’t even as cool as 90’s grunge, which I’m still on the fence about. It seems to be a place where youngsters can attempt to lose their social identity by looking like everyone else in ironically oversized glasses and cutoff denim.

Maybe that is the upside. It removes classes among adolescents. Good looking young ladies can be as ugly as they want and super nerdy kids can get some. Your gender can be as ambiguous and confusing to those around you as you’d like and you never have to wash or cut that annoying hair again. Fashion is no longer a decision, it is a fluke. So, put on the first thing out of your laundry basket, forget the bra and don’t forget to buy some awesome new florescent bodysuits to keep your mecca from bankruptcy.

I’ve obviously been approaching this from the wrong angle.

I can't even tell what this is. Now that's equality.


One Response to “Walk a Mile in their Toms”

  1. kaeleigh August 27, 2010 at 11:02 pm #

    But here’s what I have to say about it: if you can’t afford new and holeless articles of clothing you might as well make it look intentional and strategic. What, that stuff’s the same price as anything you’d find in banana republic? For 1/200th the quality? nevermind then.

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