The greatest fashion mistake

26 Jul

People wear terrible things all the time. People wear harem pants, sweat pants or no pants, with shirts they believe will pass as dresses. All these can be overlooked on a good day, but consistently wearing the wrong size cannot. I have spent the summer making lists of all the disastrous fashion choices I see walking the streets of Salt Lake City and they all pale in comparison to choosing the wrong size. WE CANNOT SEE YOUR TAG, BUT WE CAN GUESS YOU’RE WEARING A SMALL. I understand the twinge of pain in one’s gut when you pick a large off the rack instead of the small you feel like inside, but I swear to you, you will look better in something that fits you. No more spandex or jersey cotton unless you can’t find a roll on your body. That is not most of us. How can you expect to feel comfortable in your own skin when you force yourself into a fight with every dress you encounter? Embrace your size and choose it carefully. When you find a great blouse, don’t buy the size that will fit you when you finally lose that extra 10, buy what makes you look good right now, or wait to buy it until then. Looking good in your size will make you look better and feel better. Be comfortable in the skin you wear every day and find clothes that match.


2 Responses to “The greatest fashion mistake”

  1. MotherTheresa July 26, 2010 at 3:59 pm #

    Note to self: Pack loose fitting clothes for Utah trip.

  2. colin roe ledbetter July 29, 2010 at 7:29 am #

    you are both thinking about the same thing.

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