Own it.

17 Jul

Bjork is crazy. Bat shit insane. The woman wears and does exactly what she pleases and it looks great on her. In my house we have a joke about a sweater she wore in a documentary about a film called Restraint 9 with her long time boyfriend Matthew Barney. The sweater was blue with a necklace of 10 inch brown hair falling from it. It was discustingly awesome. Bjork can wear anything because she thinks she can wear anything.

My dad used to shake his head at whatever nonsense I was wearing and say, “You’ll regret that one day.” I didn’t and I don’t. I’m not going to wear overalls with white pleather hooker boots ever again or go through a white eyeliner with light blue mascara phase, but I most certainly do not regret it. I loved it. I still wear things that are terrible because it’s exciting to just give it a whirl.

I am no Bjork. I feel that on a scale of Kirsten Dunst to Bjork, I’m falling dangerously close to the former, sans bralessness. I need to get more exciting with my wardrobe again and if that means I have more than a few fashion disasters on the way, so be it.

Live bolder, wear something ridiculous.


One Response to “Own it.”

  1. kenna July 19, 2010 at 5:05 am #

    I cant wait for what lies a head

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