Trend-proofing Your Wardrobe

30 Jun

By request, I’ve put together a little something for those of you who feel that fear every time you exchange an entire paycheck for a cocktail dress. Will I wear this twice and then send it to Goodwill? Are these pants going to be out in 5 minutes? (If they’re harem pants, the answer is yes.)

Put your money in the classics. Don’t stop yourself from buying something you see in the window display this week, just don’t break the bank on it. If you spent $20 on the shirt, it won’t break your heart to chuck it when it’s time has passed. Make sure that your closet has a solid foundation of classic pieces that aren’t going anywhere fast. Most of this has to do with fit. If you spend a pretty penny on a suit, cotton blouse, wool skirt, or anything that will be in your wardrobe for even a couple of years, get it tailored. Spend a little more and make it fit. If it fits, you’ll keep it much longer.

Classic Must Haves (not limited to)

Well fitting blouses or dress shirts (Men & Women)

Trench coat

Wool coat

Pencil skirt

Tailored slacks or suit for men (and women if you wear them often)

Little black dress

Flattering solid color tshirts

Jeans you love

Talking this season: Summer is definitely the time for a few more casual, trendy, cheap purchases. Fall/ Winter tends to be much more classics friendly, but don’t pack those things away just yet. The tshirt and jeans are a year-round staple, as well as the little black dress and blouses. This summer, find one or two dresses you love to spend some money on and the rest fall in the Forever 21 category- if they don’t make it past August, no sweat. Anything super trendy for the season should also be a cheap purchase. I.E. rompers, harem pants (just don’t do it, please), anything in TEEN magazine or on a MUST HAVE THIS SEASON page of a fashion magazine. Simple rule: If it makes you look “fun”, spend pocket change. If it makes you look “polished”, break out the plastic.

Happy Shopping.


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