Effortlessly Beautiful

28 Jun

Every summer I see these women that look as though they stepped out of the shower, shook their carefree locks, threw on an absurdly well-fitting tshirt and jeans and strolled onto the town like it was nothing. I will never be this women. If you are, move along. You’re welcome to read through this post, scoff at the rest of us, and slip into a dress for dinner without ever having to touch up your non-existent makeup. The purpose of this post is to get the rest of us as close to “effortlessly” beautiful as we possibly can.

Effortless beauty requires preparation and strict adherence to a few rules.

Begin with Skin- Find your perfect skin care routine. Bad skin requires face makeup, which necessitates application time and looks far from effortless.

The hair isn’t attainable for everyone unfortunately, me included, but the goal here is to find your most effortless. Until recently I was terrified to attempt allowing my hair to air-dry. It wasn’t an ideal situation, a little puffy, but round two with a little product turned out to be not half bad. I’m not going to be doing my hair that way every day, but it’s nice to know my options. Experiment with your hair until you find the least time and effort you can put in to look presentable.

The clothing is where the rules come in.

#1 No sweat pants ever ever EVER.

#2 The ultra-messy bun with a thick headband is not a valid backup for doing your hair.

#3 Don’t buy of piece of clothing you don’t love.

Everyone breaks the rules. Don’t be ashamed, just throw the sweatpants away, wash your hair and return those harem pants. I own one pair of sweatpants. I where them to bed occasionally in the winter and when I’m sick. That’s it. Buy a second pair and you’ve just created the opportunity to wear them twice as often. A pair of comfortable, well-fitting jeans are just as simple to put your legs through and don’t shout to the world that you hate yourself.

Once you’ve mastered the effortless hair part of the equation, the messy bun should no longer be an issue. Opt for the low bun with a thin headband for those days when your mane can’t be controlled. Think polished instead of homeless ladies.

Rule #3 is important. When you own clothes you love it is much easier to get dressed in the morning. Take an extra shopping day to find a basic tee that suits your body. Forget “good enough” and fill your closet with outfits that make finding that effortless ensemble… well, effortless.

Here’s a little European inspiration, courtesy of Garance.


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