Prioritize Your Spending

4 Jun

In celebration of the opening of the new Sephora in Salt Lake City tomorrow morning, I would like to provide some helpful tips on where to spend your money to get the most out of your makeup. I see a lot of girls putting money where it’s not paying off and I love a good buy, so let me tell you what I know.

ALWAYS start with a good skin care routine. Flawless makeup starts from the ground up. If your skin is at it’s very best, there’s a good chance you will require far less makeup, which saves time and money. Begin your search by asking around- find someone with a similar skin type (yes, that might mean asking your mother) and ask them about what they use and why they like it. Next, google it. There are plenty reviews on any skincare line you might be interested in, and it definitely worth looking into it.  Buy trial sizes. No use spending a ton of money on something that isn’t going to work with your skin. Remember to give a product a real chance. Unless you see major negatives affects in the first week, power through for a couple weeks. If a cleanser is doing more than a previous cleanser for instance, you might experience more dirt and oil coming out of your skin for the first week or two, which means more upset skin for a bit. Every person needs a different strength cleanser, as well as a different level of moisturizer. Using something stronger than your skin actually needs will dry you out unnecessarily and a moisturizer that is too heavy will make you perpetually oily. Don’t feel that you have to use all the products from one line. Keep trying- when you find the perfect products, it will be worth it.

Once you have incredible skin, put your money in your foundation. Cheap concealers as well as face makeup are noticeable because they don’t blend into your skin as well as some of the pricer stuff. You don’t have to get anything outrageous, just shy away from the super cheap stuff, if you cover your face everyday.

When it comes to eyeshadows and blush, it’s pretty hit and miss. If you have a favorite brand, stick with it. If you want to try a bright color you may not like, go for a grocery store brand. If it’s color you use everyday, you may want to get something of higher quality because it won’t clump up as the day goes on and you’ll get more even coverage.

Mascara is something to pick up at the grocery. I know I’m stuck on an $18 mascara right now and I’ve been raving about it, but the difference isn’t always worth the money. There will always be something better if you’re willing to shell out the cash for, you just have to decide if it’s worth it for you. My favorite grocery store mascara is one by Covergirl that comes in a slim red tube with a squared off top (sorry I couldn’t be of more assistance here).

Tools are something I swear by, but I believe in a progression. If you’re not that into makeup, buy brushes that are synthetic and only the essential ones. The essentials would be a smaller shadow brush, a blush or large power brush, and a blending brush. Get creative- use Qtips for smudging liners or adding small details of color. As you find needs for something specific, expand your brush collection. If you find yourself using one or two brushes more than the rest, replace them with higher quality brushes, made of natural fibers, that will last longer, hold up better and usually come with some kind of guarantee.

Class dismissed.


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    Bonjour, Nice to join you, I am Susan

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