4 papers and 3 exams to do.

24 Apr

It’s finals time, which means I am doing anything accept what I should be doing. So… I’m back.

A few updates:

I bought a romper. I know. It’s gonna look terrible and it has no straps so one day I’m gonna sit down and find the top around my waist, but I couldn’t resist. You all know what a weak spot I have for rompers. They are just so unbelievably practical. It’s like, “Oh, I wish I could just throw something on, that wasn’t a dress, and look brilliantly summery and not have to painstakingly match things.” Enter romper. I realize that I just did the verbal edition of the girl in the infomercial who looks like it’s taking everything in her to scrub jam off the counter to illustrate how much easier her life would be with the Euroflex¬†Monster Super Soap Steam Cleaner Steamer, but I really think I can make it work. We’ll see. I’ll be sure to share the disaster photos with you.

I wore my favorite tights for the last time. The tiny hole in the crotch has grown to cover my entire backside. Fairwell. (Can’t find a photo of them, but I took a picture of the final outfit that I will post shortly.)

The great news is that I recently received a package from a reader and friend who is residing in Taiwan. Asia just does tights better. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Carly!


One Response to “4 papers and 3 exams to do.”

  1. kenna April 28, 2010 at 6:16 pm #

    I’m interested on how this whole “romper” thing is gonna play out. keep me updated on the progress

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