Shakin’ off the winter weight

6 Mar

So, I’ve put on a couple pounds. Not terrible, but a bit of a speed bump considering how speedily summer is approaching and the fact that this just arrived in the mail.

My roommates have started doing the 30 day Shred with Jillian Michaels, but I can’t participate. Not only do they do it at 2 am, but I’ve always had a problem listening to people say my name when they aren’t talking to me and Jillian Michaels is mildly terrifying. I need another solution. One idea is that I quit eating everything in sight and another is to find a new obsession to replace my recent one with bakeries.

well if that doesn't scare the crap out of ya.

I will always choose a cup of chocolate ice cream and a few extra pounds over starvation and misery while looking like the Victoria’s Secret model in my swimsuit. (Who are we kidding, I have no hips and I’m 5′ 4″- not gonna happen) So, I will keep a couple of these pounds and the ice cream in my fridge but I will also put in more than the effort it takes to get out of bed and walk to my car. I can live with that.
I will also quit eating Peeps until Easter.

As if this isn't my costume for Halloween 2010.


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