Scratch that, start over.

25 Jan

I’m tired of everything and it’s way too early for that. I’m tired of the week that has yet to begin, school that just started, my messy room I have no time to clean, the job I just started and my look, even though I just got my hair done on Thursday. So the plan of attack is to forget all of that and find a new project. I will take everything out of my closet, drawers, etc, scrap everything that is useless to me, alter things I see potential in and tag those things that require a professional. The idea is that once I see all the clothing I own, I will come up with new ways to wear them instead of scrapping all of it and starting over. I will document this adventure and share it with all 6 people who read this. (hi mom.)

In other news- My dear friends Kaeleigh and McKenna had a birthday party last night that was fabulous. Greatest party I’ve been to in a very long time. Theme was Great Gatsby, there was a live 4 piece jazz band (that were brilliant) and the costuming was spot on.

Here are a few crappy snapshots from my camera. (Real photos to come.)

My getup.

The band.

The birthday girls.


One Response to “Scratch that, start over.”

  1. carlycrandall January 27, 2010 at 3:09 am #

    ok miss…add me to your roster of readers! i just discovered this little gem blog of yours off of kjoy’s and i am absolutely crushin on this dress of yours in this post. you are looking great, as is expected.

    hope all is merry.
    carly crandall

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