Fueled by the promise of a new year

15 Jan

I am running on empty. Training for a new job, keeping up with my old one, getting settled into my full school schedule and the rest of life on top of that. Little Brother Al left yesterday, not to return for two years and I miss him terribly. I’m keeping it together and pushing forward because 2010 is going to be a beautiful year, despite its rough start. I have a list of resolutions that is growing by the day and a grid-locked schedule to keep me on the ball, all in an effort to guarantee that this year will be better than the last one. I will begin the year with a new do and as always, I would appreciate a little feedback. My theme for 20-10 is decisions, not options. Forget versatility, I am looking for something specific and fantastic. I would like to go all in- 1950’s. Dark, perfectly set- something that might go nicely with a blossoming burlesque career… wink.

Here are a couple of my ideas- share yours.

How could I resist?

If I promise not to wear a romper?

Maybe go red?

Alright. Give a girl a hand. Assistance please.


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