Perfectly Retro

5 Jan

I was born in the wrong decade. I would have no problem tacking on the extra 3 hours to strap into my corset, lace up my boots, set my hair in perfect curls and draw flawless lip lines. I was made for the 1950’s. Okay I would have been made for the 50’s if I were blessed with the bottom half of “curvy”. I have no hips, which might have held me back a bit, but I love it nonetheless. I wear red lipstick and garter belts with my stockings, and a few dresses  from these sites when I’m lucky.

Hat and gloves were vintage finds. The dress is brought to you by Bettie Paige Clothing.

I thought I should share a couple of my favorite online stores to find all things 50’s.

Bettie Paige Clothing

My first run in with this brand was truly serendipitous. I was in Vegas for a weekend of brilliant restaurants, beautiful hotels and mind-blowing Cirque du Soleil shows, with little time left for shopping. I had about 30 minutes to run around the Miracle Mile shops at Planet Hollywood and in the last 5 minutes I decided to take a different way out and ran right into Bettie Paige’s flagship store. Needless to say, I was late meeting my comrades, but I came out of it with the dress pictured above. I love it.

They have managed to capture the iconic style and spirit of Bettie Paige in some the best 50’s style dresses on the market.

Stop Staring! Clothing

Though their website isn’t the most eye-catching, they have some fabulous finds and a wonderful selection. They sell wholesale, so you can find a lot of their designs in boutiques across the country. Every dress on the site oozes femininity.

Pinup Girl Clothing

This company has been around since 1999 and still offers great pieces of retro clothing, accessories, shoes and even swimwear. They carry several other lines of retro clothing including some which cater more toward  rockabilly wear. I have ordered several pairs of their seamed stockings (which I love), though I’m not a huge fan of any of their swimsuits I’ve ordered. (My favorite black pencil skirts is from this site.)

I would kill for a shape like that.

Happy Shopping.


One Response to “Perfectly Retro”

  1. nextinfashion January 14, 2010 at 8:22 pm #

    Great Blog & posting!

    & i completely understand with the born in the wrong decade thing.


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