Let’s talk about New Years

29 Dec

New Years is the perfect excuse to wear that fantastic piece you’ve had your eye on but couldn’t justify purchasing. Or those great gloves you have in your drawer that just don’t seem to work with anything these days. (Cream leather, above the elbow gloves in my top drawer) Center your entire outfit around one great item. I find that people either miss the opportunity entirely or try to pile on way too much. Wanna rock sequins? Do it. Just don’t add giant metal earrings, metallic eyeshadow, and gold shoes. Allow the rest of your outfit to complement your star piece without drowning it out. (See sequin dress in previous post)

Don’t forget about the weather. Girls that throw on their tiniest party dress and a pair of stilettos are going to look like fools standing in the snow, no matter the price tag. Know you’ll be standing around in below-zero temperatures but still want to look midnight spectacular? Not a problem. Tights can solve the bare leg issue and don’t neglect the beauty of the blazer. You can go for a sheer hosiery option- you don’t have to wear sweaters between party dress and wedge. Anything covering your legs will help you out. If you don’t already have a great blazer you love- now is the time to get one. throw a fitted solid color blazer over a party dress, slide on those sheer tights and top it off with a great heel, and you’re set. Don’t underestimate the statement a coat can make. Choose something bold and colorful to arrive in. It will also make it much easier to find yours when you’re ready to head to a new party.

Killer tights and a hat? Do them in the same color.

dress with studs? check. tights and sweet heels? check. check.

Make the coat your statement and you'll be warm all night long... and well into the morning.

Can anyone say shoulder pads? Go big or go home this season.

Bail on black. Opt for fantastically fun.


2 Responses to “Let’s talk about New Years”

  1. kaeleigh December 29, 2009 at 9:49 pm #

    I’m sorry, I can’t let it slide. Ever.

    • jillianamy December 29, 2009 at 10:32 pm #

      I appreciate that. I expect nothing less.

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