New York wedding

4 Oct

I was in New York last weekend for the wedding of a friend from high school and I realized something. I have been in Utah way too long. I grew up in Tokyo, Japan and I felt overwhelmed by the three hours I was outdoors in New York. There was more visual stimulation in a 10 minutes stroll down 5th ave than I get in Salt Lake City in 6 months. I just about fainted when I casually glanced to the store on my left and saw the window display of the Christian Louboutin store. I actually had to catch my breath. And as fantastic as it would be to move to a city where people would really appreciate my love for lace gloves or the perfect red pump, I’m ashamed to say that I might need time to reacclimatize to a fashion appreciative society. Utah, like the rest of the midwest, tends to be at least 3 years behind the times. It’s not only frustrating because you know it will be impossible to find a sharp shouldered blazer for this fall, but also because of the excessive negative attention you will undoubtable draw by wearing one. The problem is that I’m definitely not up to snuff with the real fashionistas out there. Sure, I know my basics, but I’m not sure I could hack it out there after spending two years only experiencing it through VOGUE and lookbook. Maybe I’m doomed to be fashionable in the midwest, which is like being hot in Iceland- It doesn’t really count. Sorry Iceland. 


This is exactly what it looked like: sisters kissing the shoe I stole from the bride and me falling over.

 The wedding was fantastic. It was a black tie affair, held at the Mandarin Oriental. Every detail was stunning, the food was fantastic and I got to try on the bride’s Louboutins. It was a great evening. 

Also a perk- I wore (read: still fit into) the dress I designed for my junior prom. The train proved to be a bit of a problem, even when bustled, for dancing on a crowded dance floor, so I came home with a couple tears but nothing that can’t be sewn while watching an inspiring episode of Project Runway. I would argue that we were the best looking gang at the party ( minus the bride a groom of course). We have good looking friends everywhere. 


The Tokyo girls before we hit the wedding.

The Tokyo girls before we hit the wedding.

I danced a lot. Enjoy this:


No, it's not just a bad photo. I actually looked this haggard at the end of the evening.


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