I try so hard

16 Sep

Effortless will never suit me. It’s always the goal: spend six hours making yourself look like you didn’t try that hard and just woke up flawless. My hair will never look wistfully windblown or perfectly tousled. Thats why I just go for a different look entirely. A little dose of old school glamour and the hours you put in are excused. Perfectly drawn eyeliner, expertly manicured nails. I can do that and I try to. I try so hard. If it looks like it took two hours to apply that makeup, its cause it did. Call me high maintenance, but I can hang with the campers and au natural gals if I feel so inclined. I just like to do it. There is great satisfaction that comes from looking into the mirror and seeing two perfectly semetrical cat eyes. I love it. 

I recently attempted to mimic Dita von Teese’s half moon manicure. As with all things Dita, you are bound to come in below par, but I try nonetheless. 


My lame, short nailed attempt.

My lame, short nailed attempt.


Dita's perfect ten.

Dita's perfect ten.


I used bandaids for the half moons, but I don’t think it was roundy enough. Next time I plan to try hole reinforcers


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