12 Jun

I’ve never been one of those kids that yearns to be part of somebody else’s club or worships celebrities. I wasn’t ever on a team or part of a gang. I’ve never belonged to any group I called “my people” or felt a sense of belonging to a particular country or culture. This idea does however appeal to me in the way a dream sequence in a lovely movie seems like a good idea you might attempt to recreate one day. I never wanted to be included, instead I just did my own thing or created my own group. Until now. I want to be a member of LookBook. It is a website. Correction- It is THE INTERNET’S LARGEST SOURCE OF FASHION INSPIRATION FROM REAL PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD. and it also happens to be an invite only community. I check the site daily like that nerdy and kinda creepy girl watching the cheerleaders practice through the window into the gymnasium. I even hoard my favorite photos in a folder called ‘Fashion Inspiration’ that I should have called ‘Snapshots from a community that will never accept you because sometimes you still wear bunchy socks and you own multiple leotards just in case you need them one day’. But that was too long.

Sure, sometimes I see a photo and think- how did that denim donald duck outfit get you an invitation to the emerald city- but it doesn’t matter because they are in and I am out. 


give me a break.

give me a break.


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  1. Matt J June 19, 2009 at 9:33 pm #

    Ahhhhhh yes the inspiration folder. Don’t we all have one?

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