Knock Out Cosmetics

21 May

Last year, makeup artist Mike Potter started a one of a kind company called KO. The feel is completely unique- victorian meets art deco with a rock chic edge. They currently only carry nail polish, but if their upcoming projects are any reflection of their polish- get excited. All 6 colors (and one clear top coat) are matte! I bought the black as soon as I discovered the company and was not disappointed. I even expected to deal with that chalky feeling you got when you used to paint your nails with white out in middle school, (I know you tried that.) but to my surprise there was no such trade off. It goes on a little thick but dries very even, with far less chipping than I anticipated. For a slight variation you can buff your nails after two coats to achieve a satin finish. I intend to try out the new matte top coat as well as their new colors. Another reason I love this company-  KO spares no detail. The bottles are beautiful and their adds feature Karen O (KO, get it?) of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Get some. 

Karen O

Flatte Black

Flatte Black


One Response to “Knock Out Cosmetics”

  1. Matt J May 30, 2009 at 8:23 am #

    i love karen o. so bad ass!

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