If only I fell in love with boys…

14 May

I fall in love with shoes. I’ve only really been in love once and its been a while, but I’ve seen enough movies to recognize the physical manifestations of it. My heart feels like its skipping beats, I can’t stop thinking about a pair I love and an involuntary smile comes across my face when I see them on the shelf. I’ll find a pair I like online or in a store and I’ll try them on or check the price and then move on. Later I’ll find that I can’t stop thinking about them and I start creating outfits around them in my head. I’ll go back a visit them, try them on a few more times and then finally purchase them and drive home with stars in my eyes. I was aware this wasn’t that healthy or normal, but until recently I didn’t realize what a good idea it actually was. I followed through with my usual process only before I had actually purchased the shoe online, I found them on sale at Nordstrom Rack. I was overcome with joy and yet for some reason decided to leave them there and return the following day to purchase them. I returned as planned, but they were out of my size. (No surprise considering how adorable they are.) I walked out to the car with my head hung low thinking only of my loss and how I would just have to spend the extra $50 to buy them full price- No choice. Valori tried to comfort me and ask if I wanted to go buy something else to fill the void, if there was some kind of treat we could go get to make me feel better, but of course there was not. It was then that I realized what a blessing it is that I don’t fall in love with boys. 


PS- My friend Lisa found them in my size at a different Rack location and scooped them up for me immediately. She understands me. Everyone needs a Lisa in their life. MIA- suri


2 Responses to “If only I fell in love with boys…”

  1. Jonah May 18, 2009 at 5:55 am #

    So what you are saying is that instead of a girlfriend all I need to be happy is a friend named Lisa and some Pocahontas-style high-heels?

    • jillianamy May 18, 2009 at 6:15 pm #

      this is what i’m saying.

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