Custom Corset

25 Aug

I’m having a custom corset made. I’ve been dreaming about it for years but it is finally a reality, thanks to McGrew Studios in Salt Lake City. They have the most fantastic little shop and the moment I walked through those doors I knew they were perfect. We spent the first consultation talking designs and fabrics and the second discussing Alexander McQueen. We’re a perfect fit.

The reason why I have chose to finally do it now is because, come fall, I intend to wear this corset for 6 straight months. It’s the logical next step in my fascination with perfection. There is no good reason for why now or why at all really, it’s just one of those things you get in your head and can’t seem to get rid of. If you hate this idea, consider yourself warned cause you’re going to want to avoid the blog altogether  for 6 months of photos and updates about me not being able to breathe or find anything in my closet to wear.  The up side is that my mom is going to be forced to remove “bad posture” from her list of reasons I’m not married.

Trying on a sample corset. The void is where normal colored people have skin.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and answer some questions about this little project. I have the first fitting with my corset this saturday. I’ll let you know how it goes.


After a brief intermission…

19 Aug

I’m back. Settle down everyone. I know it’s been rough without me and all these gems I share with you, but I’m sure you made it through. I haven’t gone to bed before 4 am in the last 2 days and the fall semester starts up in 3 days so obviously now is when I’m toatlly not tired and I have tons of time to write nonsense nobody wants to read. A few things I need to talk at you about: The Alexander McQueen show, Utah Hipsters, Custom made corsets and feminism in 2011. That sounds like a blast right?

So I went through with my trip to New York and it was completely worth it. Alexander McQueen is a gifted genius. I would like to show some of the photos I wasn’t supposed to take.

Not just a clothing designer.

I would wear that around.


Second favorite dress in the show.

I dream in laser cut leather.

drum roll please…

I'll be damned if I'm not wed in that dress.

The show took my breath away. There were tears. It changed my life for the better. A lot of drama for one show but LOST is over so I had to find a suitable replacement. It was dark and brilliant and perfectly curated and the most impressive show I’ve ever seen. I’m upset that I only got the courage to take pictures halfway through because the first room with some of his earlier stuff was unreal. It was perfectly tailored. Seams that deserve a quiet moment of appreciation. I really feel that you don’t need to love fashion to appreciate what that man created because it rivals some of the greatest paintings I’ve ever seen.  The man was an artist in every sense of the word. I will be reviewing the coffee table book of his work daily for a year.

End scene.


Being beautiful

17 Jun

It is almost always easier to be sexy than beautiful.

Daphne does it right

10 Jun

As a side note to my previous post, I would like to add that this is what Daphne wore to the openning of her late friend’s retrospective at the Met.

And for a little more Daphne love:

And an interesting interview with the Queen of Couture.

Have a lovely weekend.

Me and McQueen

9 Jun

I’m going to New York. “Why?”, asked nobody ever. Because I need to see the Alexander McQueen show at the Met. I’m sticking with need on this one. From the first article I read about the show opening this past May, I wanted to go. I really wanted to go. But of course it is mildly unreasonable for a full time working and schooling girl to pick up and go to New York just to spend the afternoon in the Met. Then a friend’s mom mentioned seeing the show and how moving it was and my heart stopped. I would regret it forever if I didn’t see it myself. One more good excuse was handed to me and I bought the ticket. I felt pretty nervous because I’m sure I forgot about something I’m going to miss, but I just re-read the beginning of this article and the tears that came when I saw this gold duck feather jacket made me confident. I will not regret this.

Unhappy Hipsters

9 Jun

This site is great.

Dreams are made, but sometimes they’re pricey.

8 Jun

My brother Adam posted that on my facebook wall. If he wasn’t in the army he would have an incredible tumblr.